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New law allows diners to take their own wine

Diamond Jim Brady owner Mary Brady, left, and chef/partner Sharon Juergens can now allow patrons of their Novi Town Center restaurant to bring in their own bottles of wine — as long as they pay a corkage fee. / JOHN HEIDER | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

Written by Sylvia Rector Gannett Michigan

Michigan diners can now legally take their own bottles of wine to restaurants that have liquor licenses, but they will likely have to pay a corkage fee to have it served to them and the restaurant must be willing to allow it.

Previously, wine purchased outside a restaurant could not be served there, but a new state law that took effect March 14 changes that.

Restaurants still have the option to prohibit outside wines, said Justin Winslow, the Michigan Restaurant Association’s vice president of governmental affairs. And they can charge whatever they wish as a corkage fee — the charge for providing glassware and serving the wine.

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